Massages Reiki   Guest book Contact Home About me If you would like to order a massage, please,  call me or send email. If I don't pick up the phone,  send me a text message or try to call me later. I'm most likely massaging. Henry Jindrich Bartonek cell: +420737632034 email: address: Sumavska 15                Brno  Kralovo Pole Click here to see my address on the map. Direction: Take a tram #1 destinated for RECKOVICE get off at the stop SUMAVSKA. Or use a tram #6 destinated to Kralovo Pole.Trams have an inside display showing the name of the next stop. So watch for “SUMAVSKA”  (the name of the previous stop is Hrncirska) then get off cross the street and walk back about 100 yards.  The first street is Sumavska. Make right and go up (pass the park) until you see the gate “CENTRUM SUMAVSKA”. It is on the left side of the street. You can also take a cab. Enter the gate and immediately turn left. Open the big glass door: Then go upstairs to the first floor and the first door on your left is my studio: Working hours: Tuesday - Friday from 9 am to 7 pm Look forward Henry.