Massages Reiki   Guest book Contact Home About me Thank you very much for wrighting any comment.  Please send e-mail to: Henry You very kindly gave me a fabulous IVF massage on the 15th of November . I just wanted to let you know it was worth it.  I am now seven and a half weeks pregnant with twins. I wish you a very Happy Christmas and successful New Year. Kind regards Mary Henry- I just wanted to send you a long overdue note of thanks.  I must admit I'm a horrible procrastinator so I am just now getting to this.  My husband and I were thrilled to find out we were pregnant just four days after our return to the states.  I'm sure you're aware of some of the stress your clients are under as they are going through treatment and as hard as we try, it is difficult to overcome this.  Once I had your massage and energy reiki I was amazed at how calm and serene I felt both physically and mentally. That feeling literally abolished all negative energy or thoughts that may have been floating around,  and I found I was easily able to focus only on positives and everything that would encompass during our IVF treatment.  I absolutely feel that you were crucial in  helping us to acheive what we have been trying to acheive for such a long time, and we thank you very much. Kelly and Conrad hi henry,   i hope this email finds you feeling well! i have some good news...i went to the doctor today and heard/saw the baby's heartbeat. yeah!!! thanks for everything you did for scott and i! you truly are fabulous!    lauren Hi, just wanted to let you know that my transfer went really well this morning and I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful massage yesterday, it eased my anxiety. Warmest regards, Wendy