I had a spontaneous connection with my soul in my life. It is an unforgettable experience full of familiar feelings of a real home and full of a light. I look forward to meeting you.                                                          Henry Jindrich  Bartonek Massages Reiki   Guest book Contact Home About me My approach to a human being is more of a complex view. First of all I see a man or a woman as a living being which exists on more levels then just the physical ( muscles) one. That's why labeling as a masseur is a kind of incomplete here. Since 1985 I lived in United States and was interested in studding all kind of a esoteric scholarship including an astrology and an alchemy as well. The thorough understanding of a human body I have to thank to my Taoist teacher Mantak Chia who was living and teaching in New York City that times. Before my destiny took me back to my born country I have visited a fames psychic woman and she told me: "You will live a life in a close touch with other people." What exactly she had on her mind I didn't understand that time. I though of it as some universal "psychic's" phrase. But after I started a carrier of a masseur  I new exactly what she meant.