I can see a human life as an alchemy process in which more subtle energies (astral - at the moment of the first breath)  act upon our earthy energy inhereted from our parents or forfathers. The astral energies are designed the way to help us evolved to the better beings. Pregnant woman  needs to have an “extra portion” of an earth energy. The picture on the left is part of a system which conects you to very good earthy energy. All you need to do is to print the picture and put it in to your palm and lay down or sit calm. This way your energy activates the conection and during 5 - 7 min you may feel a gentle movement  going throu your body. Usually 20- 30 min is enough to harmonize you with your Mother Earth. The energy is a much lower when the weather is bad. The work with energies is very interesting and amazing.            I had a spontaneous connection with my soul in my life. It is an unforgettable experience full of familiar feelings of a real home and full of a light. I look forward to meeting you.                                                          Henry Jindrich  Bartonek Massages Reiki   Guest book Contact Home About me My approach to a human being is more of a complex view. First of all I see a man or a woman as a living being which exists on more levels then just the physical ( muscles) one. That's why labeling as a masseur is a kind of incomplete here. Since 1985 I lived in United States and was interested in studding all kind of a esoteric scholarship including an astrology and an alchemy as well. The thorough understanding of a human body I have to thank to my Taoist teacher Mantak Chia who was living and teaching in New York City that times. Before my destiny took me back to my born country I have visited a fames psychic woman and she told me: "You will live a life in a close touch with other people." What exactly she had on her mind I didn't understand that time. I though of it as some universal "psychic's" phrase. But after I started a carrier of a masseur  I new exactly what she meant.