Massages Reiki   Guest book Contact Home About me To my knowledge and experiences Reiki is an itelligent energy in sense of harmonizing a human organism. It knows exactly how much of a yin and yang energy your body needs.  "Rei" could be translated as a spiritual wisdom and  "ki" is a life energy. Reiki is an art of passing on the healing energy. The origin of this art is in Tibet, but to the West was introduced by Japanese, so it is known as a Japanese healing system. Reiki has a real deep relaxing effect on human bodies thus alleviates stress. Passing the energy on is done by putting hands on a various parts of a body. Reiki is acting on all three levels of a human organism - body, spirit and soul - and as a result is vanishing of a pathogenic symptoms, feeling of a calmness and a well-being. The principle of a healing is removing blockages of the life energy flow in meridians and chakras. In my personal experiences I noticed that the massaging only on a physical level does not always bring the satisfying results and that is the reason why I combine massages with Reiki. The energy goes deeply in to the body and often "miraculously" removes the problems. It always surprise me. I was initiated in to the Reiki system by Mrs. Jarmila Rieger RNDr in 1997.   What is Reiki?