Traditional massages are the best for local application to relieve a pain and regenerate muscles. The most common is a massage of a back and a neck, the biggest concentration of a stress. Massage releases the tension and put you in a profound relaxed state. It should last at least 45 min. Very pleasant is also the combination of upper limbs and a stress relieving massage of a abdomen (recommended in case of a constipation). Classical massage is excellent for a thorough work on lower limbs and buttocks. I always use hot stones and crystals to enhance the therapeutic effects and sounds of a Tibetan singing bowls as a final touch. 60 min. for 500 CZK Massages Reiki   Guest book Contact Home About me For IVF clients I recommend 90 min full body massage  with hot lava stones (except for hot summer days) and energy connection with our mother Earth. It will put you in a very deep relaxed state.  This massage is also good not just for ivf patients but for anyone who wants to reach a deep relaxation of  their mind and body. A renowned gynecology expert Doc. MUDr. Vít Unzeitig, CSc. said: ...the most important for the successful pregnancy is a good relaxed state of your body and mind. The massage costs 900 CZK. Cash only. Energetic Reiki massages are based on different principles. It works on a very deep level of a human organism. I pass this harmonizing energy on to you through my hands to open blockages of your energy flow with a great beneficial effect to your physical body. During the Reiki procedure I keep touching you with my hand on different parts of your body starting at your head and ending at your feet. Reiki has a strong energetic effect and sends the light to your soul. You can find more information about this universal energy on the Reiki Energy page. The whole body treatment takes about 60 min.  and is for 400 CZK. Lymphatic vessels are very important part of an immune system of the body. They are responsible for elimination of a toxic matter, excess of water and fat cells. Overtaxing the lymphatic system with toxic substances, stresses and bad living habits causes a fatigue, lowers your ability to fight infections, causes swelling of legs, nervous irritation and general weakness of your immune system. A lymphatic massage is an excellent prevention against cellulites. It supports a regeneration of an organism under a stress and have a deep relaxing effect. Clearing of a lymphatic system is supported by a gem called nephritis. 60 minutes of a lymphatic massage is for 400 CZK.  This massage has a long tradition and has been used in India for thousands years. First I start massaging your shoulders and  your neck then I go to the classical Indian touches of your head. During the massage I stimulate marmas on your scalp (energy points). There is 107 of these point on a whole body and many of them are located just on your head. Marmas are directly connected with your energetic ways (meridians) and chakras and their stimulation has a profound therapeutic effect. Such a energetic manipulation has a big significance for attaining a balance between a physical and a psychological part of a human organism. The massage loosens head muscles, helps alleviate fatigue, headaches and migraines, eliminates stress. supports a hair growth, improves a concentration and most of all is very very pleasant. The massage takes 45 minutes - 15 min. neck and shoulders + 30 min. head including ears) and is for only 400 CZK.